April 28, 2013

Socializing the doggy

Hi out there,

as you noticed, my domain is not there anymore. I write so little and did not really see the point spending money on a blog which nowadays mainly serves the purpose of giving the latest news to my friends and my family far away. Someday I might start a new blog based entirely on dog training and our outdoor adventures but for now I keep on posting here.

So, I know my mom waits for some more pictures of her grandson and my dad has fallen in love with our little ball of fur. I have some pictures I can share.

Here are the outdoor adventure we had yesterday, reuniting with the siblings and mom for an hour:

 And some other dogs as well. That is what happens when you are in a dog park ^^^

Milou is a very social dog! Always cheerful towards other people and likes to play with other dogs. If he is afraid he searches for refuge between some persons legs. Not always ours. He has very big trust in people. Which can be very positive but does not have to be in a big city like Berlin. He probably gets more respect in the future.

One big pile of dogs!! Yay! Fun!

His crazy sister penny was fun!

They both come after their mother when it comes to the color. Otherwise they are more slim built than the rest.

Cheeky Milou!

Wrestling dogs!

The mother had some fun too

In the end, it was all very tiredsome and Milou curled up at my feet!

Hope everyone enjoyed.


April 12, 2013


Hey everyone,

Milou is finally here. The adventure can, and has started. During the first hours only with us the little dog has experienced: driving in the Underground Trains with us during which he fell asleep in the bag, meeting the cat,  taking a well needed shower, eating his first meal, meeting a friend on his first ever walk and sleeping a lot! Because he runs around a lot I have mostly pictures of him sleeping. Here are some:


 and Milou

April 5, 2013

Milou's first time outside

Hello my sweety pies,

We were outside for the first time with out sweetheart Milou. He played with his brother, explored some snow, which he did not like at all because it was cold, and listens perfectly to "come"!! Proud Mama!!
I'll let the pictures tell:

Hope you enjoyed!


March 23, 2013

Milou, 5 and a half weeks old

Hi there,

Here are the promised pics of Milou from todays adventure. We had another couple there who was looking at the remaining 3 pups also. So the puppies had a lot to do and a lot of sozialisation and lots of impressions.

The homemade plastic bottle toy was a hit. They all looked interested and Milou even chased it  

But then the Food Bowl/Pot of Mommy was more interesting... Milou showed that he loves food and always takes that what belongs to him. He turned into a strong character among dogs but a playful and nice dog among humans... Well, mommy watched him but allowed it. 

Then his Sister came to check what is so interesting. She got picked by the other couple. She is the biggest female but the calmest. Last time she was the most dominant. How fast that can change. 

But the pot was too big to get out of... I helped him in the end. But it was funny to watch for a while ^^

As I said; Milou loves food. He will fit right into the family. Mommy was sick of it in the end but then mommy is a good trampoline...

He came running after his other sister and ended in my lap

I calmed him down. First I picked him up, looked him in the eye and petted him, then he rested in my hand.

He IS friendly... Coming towards Philip 

Philip wants to play too...

He has already great confidence in us

Play time continued, first with a sock...

...then with his brother,

...then again with his sister Penny,

...and with Philip again. He is funny:

Playing is tiredsome as well:

First a nap on mommy's arm...

...then a nap with the siblings,

because my siblings are the best!

And, they are cuddly too!!

But in the end the Shoe won!

Because it's cozy...

Oh, so cozy...Zzzz!!
Good afternoon everyone!!